Create a Travel Themed Room

Create a travel themed room in your home

When I come home from traveling, my phone is always filled with hundreds or thousands of photos from my trip. I never know what to do with all of them so they just sit in my phone or get uploaded to Instagram. But it seems like such a waste not to display them somewhere I’d see them everyday. While I’m home between travels, I want to be inspired and continue to feed my travel bug. So I decided to create a travel themed room in my home! In this post I’ll give you ideas on how you too can display your travel photos and create your own travel themed room.

Create a Travel Themed Room

How to create a travel themed room in your home

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What you’ll need:

Your Travel Photos

The most important aspect of a travel themed room are the photos. You want to showcase the photos you’ve taken because these are your memories. Seeing your own travel pics will remind you of that romantic trip to Paris with your significant other or your first solo trip to Thailand. Remembering these special moments will bring up good feelings and inspiration for future travels.

I like to print my photos out in various mediums and sizes. My favorite app for this is Parabo Press! They offer many different ways to print your photos including large engineer prints, photo books, and metal prints.  I use Parabo Press to print all my travel photos because the quality is outstanding and they frequently offer special deals. In fact, if you purchase your prints through my link HERE, you’ll get 25% off your order through October with the code OCT25.

Create a travel themed room in your home

Parabo Press Engineer Print, Fine Art Print, Square Prints

Before you pull trigger and print out your photos, you’ll want to edit them. Make sure your photos are brightened and enhanced in order to bring out the color. If you’re going to display them where you see them everyday, you want them to look good! Your smartphone should have editing capabilities in the camera roll, or you can download a photo editing app – I use Snapseed.

Travel Decor

As awesome as your travel photos are, you won’t want to over-clutter your room with too many photos. Travel decor is a great way to break up the room a bit and fill the space. This can include anything travel related such as maps, globes, suitcases, paintings, pillows, signs, etc. Check out some travel decor examples HERE.

I personally love maps so I have a few in my travel themed room. A big map can be framed and used as a statement piece, centered as the focal point of the room. It’s then easy to add photos and other decor around it. Canvas paintings look super high quality so having a couple of these sprinkled throughout the room will really amp up the look and feel. Here are some canvas paintings of maps that would work well for a travel themed room.

Create a travel themed room in your home

Map Canvas

Globes are great for tabletop decorations as well as filling space at the bottom of a wall. I love the look of an old vintage globe or a stand-up globe bar. You can find lots of cute, little, artsy globes on Etsy and even have it personalized with a quote. These are great for filling shelf space.

A great way to fill wall space and break up the room a bit is to put shelves in. I found these awesome suitcase shelves for such an affordable price and absolutely love them! They really pull the room together and suit the travel theme perfectly.

I love box signs and they’re great for filling shelf space. You can get these in various sizes and they look great anywhere. Travel themed pillows are an easy and cute way to add a bit more travel flair to the room. Decals are also an awesome way to add little quotes or big images to a wall. The more variety you have in your decor, the better the room will look without feeling cluttered.

Create a travel themed room in your home

Boxed Sign & Parabo Press Photobook

Putting Everything Together

Now that you have your travel photos printed and have gathered enough travel decor, it’s time to make it all fit together. You’ll want to pick one wall to be your main wall and focal point. You should have one big item centered such as a framed map, an engineer print, a large decal, or a canvas painting. Now you’ll want to surround it with smaller photos and decor. You can turn it into a sort of gallery wall, but you’ll be mixing it up so it’s not just framed photos. Mine includes a large framed map as the center point, a 17 x 12 fine art print from Parabo Press, a small canvas painting, Parabo Press square prints, and two suitcase shelves topped with a box sign, photobooks, and a metal print from Parabo Press.

Create a travel themed room in your home

Main Wall

Create a travel themed room in your home

Parabo Press Metal Print

To fill small-mid sized walls, you don’t need as much going on. If you have a wall with nothing on the ground beneath it, this is a great spot for a standing globe or stacked vintage suitcases. You’ll want something to fill that space so it doesn’t look too empty and you’re not forced to hang photos or decor too low. For my small wall, I picked 4 photos within a theme (Paris) and placed them into a 2 x 2 grid. Right below, I hung my smallest suitcase shelf and placed my standing globe in the corner which fills the space perfectly. Since it’s a small wall, I recommend centering your photos and keeping all the decor in line.

Create a travel themed room in your home

8×10 Prints, Suitcase Shelf, Standing Globe

For medium sized walls, you’ll want to fill it with a few larger items, rather than a lot of little things. Here I recommend off-centering your photos and decor to make it a bit more abstract and keep the eye moving. Mine includes a large engineer print, a 17 x 12 fine art print, and an 8 x 10 fine art print all from Parabo Press. If you haven’t realized it yet, I’m a huge Parabo Press fan!

Create a travel themed room in your home

Parabo Press Engineer Print, Fine Art Print, Square Prints

Tables and shelves are where you’re going to put all the little things that can’t be hung. Photobooks, standing metal prints, boxed signs, small globes, etc.

Create a travel themed room in your home

Photobook & Parabo Press Fine Art Print

Where to Find Everything

You’ll need quite a few things to create your travel themed room and you most likely won’t be able to find them all in one place. Click on any of the bold blue links in this post to help you find what you need! For your travel decor, Amazon and Etsy will be your best bet for variety and affordable options. I bought all my picture frames at Target. I prefer simple black or white ones so as not to distract from the photo and it keeps the look cohesive. Also they are super cheap! My printed photos and photobooks are all from Parabo Press. Get 25 square prints for FREE (just chip in for shipping) through my link HERE.

How to Create a Travel Themed Room

Parabo Press Square Prints

Create a Travel Themed Room

I hope this gives you inspiration to find creative ways to use your travel photos and feed your wanderlust. If you create your own travel themed room, please send a pic to, I’d love to see it! Comment below if you have any questions.

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