How to Spend One Week in Sweden

How to Spend One Week in Sweden

Sweden is home to the blonde haired, blue-eyed, former Vikings and should definitely be on your list of European countries to visit. One week in Sweden is the perfect vacation if you have an interest in Viking culture, enjoy strolling around picturesque towns, and love chocolate. Keep reading for suggestions on how to spend one week in Sweden including which cities to visit and what to do while you’re there!

How to Spend One Week in Sweden

How to spend one week in Sweden

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You’ve probably just landed from a long overseas flight and are completely exhausted. Well that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your first day in Sweden! Check in to your accommodation – I recommend City Hostel Central Station which is located near the central train station – then head out for a stroll around the town.


The city of Stockholm is absolutely stunning, you’ll love walking around checking out the architecture and stopping in the little cafe’s. There’s great shopping in this area as well if you’d like to take some swedish style clothing.

How to Spend One Week in Sweden

Swedish Architechture

The nightlife in Stockholm is crazy and you’re sure to find a bar or club that suits your style. If you’re traveling solo, join a pub crawl. They usually cost around $12 and include entry to 4-6 bars and clubs, along with one free shot at each bar. It’s a great way to meet other backpackers and make some new friends.

Tips for solo travel

You should definitely check out the ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL for a unique drinking experience! The entire bar (the tables, seats, walls, and even glasses) is made of ice. The bartender serves up interesting cocktails in a glass made completely of ice, and when you’re finished you can slide it down the ice luge. Before entering, you’ll be given a special coat and gloves to keep you warm during your experience. Time slots are 45 minutes so pre-book online to guarantee a time for your group.

How to Spend One Week in Sweden


Gamla Stan

You can’t visit Stockholm without spending time in Gamla Stan (The Old Town). Here you get a real sense of the history of the city and it’s Viking culture. Gamla Stan is a little island below the city center, so you’ll need to take the train or a taxi to get into the town. Stay at Castanea Old Town Hostel for an affordable stay in the center of Old Town.

How to Spend One Week in Sweden

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

You’ll want to spend time wandering around the cobblestone streets and stopping in the many souvenir shops. Make sure to eat at a restaurant that serves Swedish Meatballs for an authentic foodie experience!

How to Spend One Week in Sweden

Swedish Meatballs


Take a day trip over to a nearby island to check out the different museums Sweden has to offer. The Vasamuseet (Vasa Museum) holds a large, 17th-century Viking ship and is considered the most visited museum in Scandinavia. The ship is so large that it is the only attraction in the entire museum and takes you up several floors in order to see the entire vessel.

How to Spend One Week in Sweden

Vasa Museum, Stockholm

If you’re a fan of the pop group ABBA, head over to their museum to partake in the interactive exhibits and check out their showcased memorabilia. Also found on this island is the Nordiska Museet where you’ll displays about Swedish history.


Spend a couple days in the college town, Uppsala, north of Stockholm for a quieter and less touristy experience. This is such a quaint little picturesque town, full of beautiful cathedrals and warm bakeries.

How to Spend One Week in Sweden

Cathedral, Uppsala

Make sure to try a hot chocolate from one of the bakeries in this town – it is unbelievable! I’ve never loved hot chocolate in the U.S., but I got one everyday I was in Sweden. Sweden has some of the best chocolate you can find in this world and when they put their freshly made whipped cream on top of a hot chocolate, you’ll be in heaven.

Kanelbulle is a popular Swedish pastry, comparable to an American cinnamon roll, that you need to try while visiting Uppsala. All the pastries are amazing so you really can’t go wrong with whatever you choose!

How to Spend One Week in Sweden

Bakery, Uppsala

If you have time, head up to Gamla Uppsala to see the Viking burial grounds from the 5th and 6th centuries. Here you’ll see the Royal Mounds, which are believed to be for the three gods, Thor, Odin, and Freyr.

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