Hotel Workout : Stay Fit While Traveling

    Hotel Workout

    Whether you’re traveling long term or just taking a week long vacay, you don’t want to fall out of your workout routine. Especially if you plan on pigging out on the local cuisine. When I visited Italy last year, I spent three weeks eating pizza for lunch, pasta for dinner, and “gelato o’clock” hit 3 times a day! 15 pounds later, I realized I needed a way to shed that Italy weight while I continued traveling over Europe for the next few months. I figured out a way to stay fit while traveling with this “hotel workout” that can be done in a hostel, a park, on the beach…pretty much anywhere when you’re away from home.

    This guide will give you different workout ideas that will help you stay fit while traveling. And after you’re finished, go reward yourself with some gelato! Continue reading

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